May. 9th, 2009

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Loud, obnoxious teenaged-girl laughing is not particularly conducive to writing a post. Hm... Especially when I already have my earphones turned up almost to unbearable level, and still, it is disgustingly loud. Ah, the joys of communal living.

Last night, I went with a group to see Yosemite Falls by the light of the full moon. I'd been before to the first vantage point we stopped at, which was quite distant from the falls. It was as beautiful as before, the cliffs glowing with an otherworldly golden light, the constellations bright, stars shooting across the night sky, the distant sound of the waterfall carried on the wind. Then the group I was with piled into the vehicles we'd taken, and we drove to the Lower Yosemite Falls, which is essentially the same waterfall, but flowing off a ledge lower on the cliff. This short little paved trail ended in a rocky line right beside the waterfall, close enough to be bathed in its mist, and it was absolutely awe inspiring. Even the most street-hardened LA-originating faux thug of the group was amazed. The mist from the falls was illuminated by the moonlight, forming a broadly arcing rainbow that one could almost reach out and touch. I wish I could describe it in a way to do it justice, but I doubt that is possible.

We have moved into the new laundry room. It is too small, and too far from the majority of the cabins to be efficient for running calls. Alex was bemoaning how good the setup had looked on paper, at which point I looked at the diagram he had made. I told him he might want to try to draw it to scale next time. Such is life amongst fuckwitted management. I'm sure there are excellent, intelligent, and considerate managers out there somewhere. Unfortunately, there aren't any here.

I suppose that is the extent of my ramblings for today...


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