Apr. 23rd, 2009

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When I first arrived here this year, I was housed in the employee dorms with a roommate who was not overtly difficult, but who I found little commonality with. Fortunately, a few days back, I was moved back into the double-wide trailer where I lived before, and my new roommate arrived a day later. Her name is Stacey, she works in the recreation department, and she is actually the first person I've met here that I've found anything in common with. I can actually converse with her without being looked at sideways... *laughs* I find this quite reassuring... I was beginning to wonder if I'd be able to develop any real friendships here. We spent several hours last night over a bottle of merlot and a delicious crab/artichoke dip in the bar and just hung out, talking about everything under the sun.

I admit, I am something of an introvert. I sometimes have a hard time finding common ground with people, things to converse about. I also am terrible at small talk. So most of the time, when in a group setting, I will simply sit and... listen. This can be quite entertaining at times, actually, not to mention insightful. You can tell a lot about people when you're not fighting to interject your own two cents into a conversation. One girl (an employee) actually said there were too many trees out here (is there such a thing?). I must wonder why she came if she is uncomfortable in natural settings...

A few days back, for Jessica's birthday (she is the assistant manager and quite an awesome gal), a rather elaborate Greek-themed party was thrown in the tavern. Of course, there were togas. And of course, I decided to be the black sheep, quite literally, head to toe in black-- corset, sheer top, pants, and boots. Jessica's costume was quite creative-- she went as Medusa, complete with rubber snakes in her hair and dangling from her earlobes. There were costumes ranging from bedsheets to elaborate, homemade dresses that looked like they came from upscale boutiques. There was a feast of quail, chicken, and goose, aged cheeses, fruit, and flambe. I only dance when drunk, but about a margarita and a half helped with that. (I only dance when drunk because I'm quite suspicious that I look like a complete fool when I do so)

This is the last day of my weekend. I'm feeling quite lazy right now, actually, more creatively inclined than for any kind of physical activity such as hiking, although I may wander down to Birch Lake for some meditation. Working space is somewhat limited here, as far as creative projects, but since the in-house count is quite low today, I may just set up in the rec center with its tables and couches and fireplace, plug in the earphones, and spend some time working on one of my graphic novel projects. I'm working on a different project than before, as my old project has been relegated to computer hell in Houston and has yet to be recovered (I was almost finished with the writing portion of that one too... that was quite a blow. I may have to let that one lie for a little while until I can rework it from a fresh start).

It seems the last clinging vestiges of winter have finally released their hold. The last of the snow has melted, and the temperature is steadily climbing day by day. The internet connection is actually working today as well. I'm dubious as to how long that will last.


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