Apr. 30th, 2009

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I slipped quietly away from the chaos and bustle to sink with silence into the forest, melding into the trees that undulated in the breeze, alive with these living. I listened to the wind, as he whispered and sang, flitting through the leaves, winding through stone and branch, gliding across my face and through my hair. He seemed wise, so I asked him, Why? because I could not find the answer, however much I looked. He breathed and flew and danced, and perhaps he answered, but a wisp of cloud edged away from the sun and golden light poured over me. So I asked the sun, Why? She was silent to my ears, but in her light, the colors around me flowed and flashed and glittered, so many layers swirling within themselves, hues I had never before taken note of. The colors shifted in the wind, brought awake in the light, and so I asked them, Why? They coalesced into the rough flesh of a redwood that reached for invisible stars, caressed by the breeze, crisscrossed with patterns of light and shadow. The tree's roots sank deep into the earth, nourished by rich soil, solid, still young even at his great height, yet so old compared to me. So I asked him, Why? Silence answered, a silence with the depths of the ocean, and the outer reaches of the universe, silence rooted in the core of being. Silence of a weathered soul, of rings surrounding rings surrounding rings, each a story, a tale of life. The tree's silence filled the world, touched my dreams, flew on the wind and danced with embracing light and shadow. As I listened, closing my eyes, I thought I began to hear a song within that silence...


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