Apr. 29th, 2009

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The internet is throwing a hissy fit today.

It is, once again (thankfully) my Friday. I'm going to have to stir up enough energy to do some hiking or some other such activity that immerses me in the natural world, far from the lodge and people, because I desperately need it. I've been sliding into full-blown antisocial mode these last couple of days. I am, as I've said before, quite the introvert, and I need time alone to feel balanced. This is one of the downsides to living in a communal situation like this-- there really is no personal space, no privacy, no silence of which to speak. The woods are my sanctuary, as they have always been. I need time to create, time to think, time to write, time to meditate.

I am in desperate need of painting supplies. It is killing me to be out in all this breathtaking, inspiring beauty, and not be able to paint. I brought my pastels, but nothing to use them on (the size paper I use is far too big to transport without destroying), and I don't yet have an easel. And I need to buy a set of good quality oils, and the associated supplies, as well, because I deliberately left my cheap trial set with S. in Texas, as it was mostly used up, and, well, cheap-- you get what you pay for. I'd wanted to give oils a try, because I'd not used them before, but didn't want to pay an arm and a leg for them before I could determine whether they were right for me or no. I do love them. They provide all the color intensity that I love-- which is why I like the pastels-- but also allow for wonderful detail work-- which is next to impossible with the pastels, unless your working surface is the size of, say, a wall. The only downside is that oil painting takes *much* longer, because of the length of drying time.

Hm... I suppose my rambling about art supplies isn't exactly riveting. But, it's a part of my life.

It seems to be lunchtime now, so I should slide off here before the food all disappears...


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