Apr. 25th, 2009

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It's cold again. In fact, it was snowing yesterday. Winter has just yelled a massive "Fake out!" I like it though. It's a reprieve from oppressive heat.

This lodge has a long and somewhat interesting history. The place was originally built in 1921, as a post for the building of the massive Hetch Hetchy dam down the road (Rumor also has it that the place was a moonshine brewery and brothel as well during that time). It's changed hands numerous times, but the original structure still stands-- what is now the tavern and restaurant.

The place is also quite active paranormally. Numerous accounts of a woman in a red dress sighted in the tavern have been reported, as well as a man in a top hat in one of the original cabins. I myself, the last time I was here, saw a shadowy apparition on the road late one night (accompanied by a friend who saw the same thing), and another friend (my then-supervisor Cathy) and I experienced some odd phenomena in one of the cabins as a sliding door lifted itself from its hinges and dropped back, and Cathy's necklace was lifted and lightly jerked about the same time. I came up here intending to do some research on history, folklore, and ghost stories in the area, curious how they tie together. I've not been able to do much about that yet, however, but I'm hoping soon I'll be able to get to the Groveland library and do some reading.

And now, lunchtime is nearing. We are served by employee chefs, and usually (usually) the food is quite good. So, I will draw this to a close for now.


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