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(File under "nature of reality" interest to kick off the interests list essays :P Who says I have to do them in order?)

I've noticed a rather intriguing phenomena...

I will some nights put on music specially designed for sleep or meditation when I go to bed at night. Usually I can't sleep with music playing, but these tracks placed on repeat all night actually knock me out like a light. All that's fine and good, but when I wake up the next morning, turn off the music, and start going about my day, I can still hear the music playing. As in, I will pause as I become aware of it, tilt my head sideways, and *listen*, trying to tell myself that my subconscious has merely put the track on "repeat" and there really is no actual *sound*, that it is in my mind. Yet, my ears can't tell the difference, even when I continuously tell myself that I'm *not* actually hearing it. (rather like an optical illusion, I would think) It dies out after awhile, if I ignore it.

And, once again, proof that our "senses" are not always reliable....

But wait a minute...

Aren't our "senses" signals that are projected by our brains? Even when our senses percieve something that is supposedly "real?"

There's so much talk these days about shaping one's own reality. To change one's world, one must change the way one views things, changing perceptions. I think a lot of people get confused by that, thinking that if they change their *surface* perception... their conscious thoughts... that it will result in change. And maybe that's the first step? It's certainly a start. But it seems to me that true perception of reality starts on a subconscious level-- as does the *bending* of reality. I suppose the question is, how does one go about changing one's subconscious?

I guess the easy answer is meditation (though anyone who's done it knows that achieving a deep meditative state in which such perceptions can be effectively altered is anything but easy). And then there are the recordings such as the one I mentioned above, reputedly utilizing certain frequencies that trigger such states. If certain frequencies could be used to help modify levels of consciousness (of course, nothing works one hundred percent of the time), then I wonder if frequencies could also be used to help gently direct subconscious beliefs. This... this is quite an unsettling thought, actually. I saw a video at one point... I'll have to look for it. Scientists were watching the reactions of an amoeba, I believe it was, to certain frequencies of sound being played. It would literally change its shape, changing to fantastic and symmetrical shapes such as a star, according to the frequency played. Right. I need to try to find that one... I'll post it as soon as I do (hopefully it's still in existence). Off to do a Youtube hunt... I've already found some fascinating clips! Will post again soon.


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