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Not quite so vivid or exciting as last time, but writing this more for recording some thoughts regarding development of lucidity....

The dream I remember the most vividly involved finding myself in Houston, visiting my family. I realized belatedly that I did not have the money for a return ticket to California, or that I had informed any of my friends that I was going to Houston, so nobody knew where I was but my parents. As my family's house is not really a place which I want to be visiting without money for a planned escape route, I was getting somewhat nervous. I began to think about that then, wondering why I a) would go across country without money to get back home, and b) not tell anyone where I was going, and I had a moment of lucidity which consisted of the thought, I would imagine any moment now, I'm going to wake up in my room and realize it was all a dream... The bedroom faded into view at that point, and I'm not entirely certain if I was awake or not. If I was, I wasn't for long. Then, I was... somewhere. I think I was at a friend's house, but it didn't look like any house I've been in before. I had just come in from a flight or some sort of travel, and had a stuffed animal-- a wolf-- and... well, a child. But the child was something odd and different, almost like a magickal being of some sort. The wolf toy was alive. The child, a little boy, seemed like some sort of imaginary construct that had taken on life. He acted just like any other sort of child. The toy-wolf-come-to-life was bouncing around and playing, like a wolf cub. The little boy, who couldn't have been more than five or so, took a plate of sweets and ate it all. I found it, and asked him if he had eaten it. He shook his head, the evidence of his foray into sweetdom all over his face. I realized then that, just like a normal child, I would have to teach this one right from wrong. I told him that it was wrong to lie, asked him if he understood, and he then told me the truth.

My thoughts on lucidity center around the recurring dream I have, of suddenly and inexplicably finding myself at my parents' house, with no memory of having traveled there and no money to get back, generally feeling like a trapped animal as I realize my situation. Usually, I begin to take note of these two points (no memory of travel, no money) and realize that I must be dreaming, but by then, I just want to wake up. I'm not thinking of the possibility of creating awesome dreamscapes or some such. But I have these dreams quite often, and they could be an easily accessible gateway to lucidity, if I would learn to change the dream, rather than try to wake from it. For instance, if I find myself in Houston, look beyond the wall and see a bridge spanning a rushing river, leading to a thick, ancient forest (which is a recurring symbol as well, just far more... pleasant). Or, upon realizing lucidity, levitate myself and fly away. Ideally, I'd also begin focusing on my senses-- touch, scent, etc-- once I've become lucid and removed myself from the unpleasant dreamscape, in order to preserve awareness and bring it to a higher level of vividity.

Now, the question is, what do I want to do with lucidity?
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