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Overlook this if dream journal type things don't interest you all :) I just wanted to record them, as they were quite vivid last night.

First dream, I remember riding a bicycle with a friend. It was someone I know in waking life, but I don't remember who it was now. We passed by a house, and I saw a very odd looking man looking at us. I remembered at that point that I had met up with him at some point in the past, and he had turned out to be quite the psycho. I urged my friend to get moving quickly, and then noticed the man following us with clear ill intent. I pulled out my pocket knife and popped it open, and turned around just in time to meet an attack. I made sideways swiping motions with the knife as I ducked out of the way of his attack, catching him but not harming him, as if the blade was dull. Then I slid around behind him and took him in a lock of some kind, stilling him but not harming him. I don't remember what happened after that.

Next dream, I had been moving into a house, with some friends, maybe some people from the lodge. I was trying to figure out what kind of furniture I needed for my room. At some point, I was bringing some of my things to the house, but I was riding a bicycle (hm, seems to be a theme here... lol) and dragging two large laundry bags along with me. I kept dropping one of the bags, and forgetting about it. Someone in a car stopped and handed the bag to me, so I tied the pull ties together so I could hold on to them more effectively. I reached a very steep hill, and got off the bike. Carrying the bags, I climbed the hill; it was so steep that I had to crawl part of the way. At the top of this insanely steep hill was a shrine, not a building, but several tables draped with pictures and memoribilia that seemed to be a combination of traditional Native religion and Catholocism. I realized it was a shrine to a Native American chief, and suddenly I saw the chief sitting in a rather elaborate chair beside the shrine. We had a conversation, which I don't remember, and then he told me that he was actually a ghost, which had not yet occurred to me.

My last dream involved being on some sort of house boat. For some reason, I was trying to catch a whale. I don't think I intened to harm the whale, but just wanted to catch it. I had an enormous, whale-shaped net, and I was dunking it into the sea. There were whales nearby, and one found itself in the net, but it (obviously) got away, because it was so large and powerful. Finally, I started asking myself why I was trying to catch a whale, because it seemed to be a rather pointless endeavour. I dunked the net again, and caught a decent-sized fish, which I took to two of my co-workers from the Lodge, who were in the kitchen trying to find something to cook. I tried to get them to take the fish, so that I could catch some more, and we could have dinner. They looked at me strangely, not responding.


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