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This looks to be an interesting site, a good creative outlet, though I've not yet explored much. The internet here at the Green has been very... tempermental... in the last few days. I was shocked that it even worked this morning when I logged on.

The first Saturday in June is the Celtic Festival in Modesto. I will be there. I fully intend to spend copious amounts of money on Wonderful, Beautiful Things to brighten up my rather dim, tiny, and otherwise unremarkable living space. Where I would put these Wonderful, Beautiful Things, I haven't quite ascertained yet. However, Stacey (a.k.a., The Roomie) and I were talking last night (over a lovely bottle of Pinot Noir from the organic food store in Modesto) about approaching Joe (General Manager) about relocating us, quite possibly (hopefully) to one of the historic cabins in the Lupine village that has been set aside for employee housing. The last straw that has prompted this discussion: sewage backup, flowing right behind the double-wide trailer they have us housed in. It is... mmmm... aromatic.

This week is the Strawberry Music Festival, which is hosted by Camp Mather (the SF-owned campground/resort thingie just down the road). It used to be only bluegrass music *shudder* but they've come up in the world, somewhat, or at least branched out a bit. I didn't walk down; not overly enthused by the crowds that will be there. Not overly enthused about the crowds here either. A band actually played in our tavern the night before last. It was... quite mediocre. But then, perhaps that is only personal taste.

And with that thought, Lunch is served. I am famished. Till later :)


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