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Ho-kay.  Bizarre dreams are bizarre.

I was at some sort of high-class, posh dinner party type of thing being hosted by a wealthy heiress or wife or something.  We were sitting on a couch in a drawing room over wine, talking (not sure what about).  Then somehow, the room ended up being the ocean, but we were still inside the house.  I was floating on... a mattress?  And there were these... rodent-type creatures, but they were sapient and could talk.  There was a huge white shark (not to be confused with a Great White shark-- this one actually looked more like a beluga whale than a shark, but it was a shark in the dream) that was swimming around me.  One of the rodent-creatures (sort of looked like a groundhog with a long tail?  Cross between a squirrel and a groundhog?) was evil, like an evil politician type, and I told the beluga-shark he could eat the evil politician rodent-thing, but not the one beside him, because he was good.  So the beluga-shark chowed down, then came up to me and kissed me on the cheek to thank me... LOL... And then I said, "Predators make the best guardians."

And then, I was sitting on the couch at the dinner party, next to the heiress/wife lady, as though time had reset.  And something about the heiress/wife seemed off, like she was hiding something or plotting something, but I couldn't figure out what.  

Weird, no?
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January 2014


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